The day my lock fell apart!

Indeed a memorable day where I had to call the locksmith to my house at 1am to get it fixed and then come back at 12pm to replace the lock! This cost me S$290!

12th November seems like a lousy day for me.

My lock had always been giving me problems, and there were occasions I almost wanted to tear the door down as its always stuck on the inside.

Today if finally gave up on me and made me pay $90 to get a locksmith to my place to dismantle the lock since its past midnight!

When the locksmith was banging so loudly onto my door, I was so afraid my neighbours will get up and hurl abuses at me! Luckily nothing happened.

After getting it fixed around 1am+, I decided to change the lock 😦 And this made me $200 poorer… No choice… See the state of my lock now!

I can’t even lock my door so I had to close the door and use something solid to block it from the inside 😦

I felt so unsafe inside my house now T_T


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