Home-cooked dinner

Thai Tom Yum Rice with Black Pepper Nuggets for dinner, 16 November 2016

I depend heavily on ‘instant meals’ when I am at home.

Recently, I discovered these ready-to-cook flavoured rice from Yamie, and I bought 3 types to try when I was at GIANT Hypermarket doing my groceries recently.

As today’s weather was gloomy and rainy, I decided to make the Thai Tom Yum Rice. I smell is rather fragrant, but I don’t really enjoy the taste as much as the Hainanese Chicken Rice or the Briyani Rice which I’ve tried earlier on.

The Black Pepper Chicken Nuggets are definitely necessary to go with the rice as it would be so miserable just to eat the ‘plain rice’.

I didn’t manage to finish the rice as the serving is for 2 persons. I’m going to store the rice in the fridge and tomorrow, I will take it out and mix it with some “gochujang” (hot pepper sauce) for lunch!


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