The King of Fruits

XO Durians! Yum! (3 December 2016)

I have not eaten durians for a very long time!

Yesterday, Singtel broadband was DOWN the whole day… so after dinner, we had some durians to chase the blues away. Sigh… we are so ‘hooked on the internet’ these days that without it, we feel so cranky!

Most of the durians are imported from Malaysia. There are those 1-day tour to Malaysia to feast on durians offered by some tour agents or Community Centres and I’ve been to one before with my sis-in-law where we just need to pay S$50 and there’s a coach bringing us into Johor Bahru to feast on durians, as well as shop at the Premium Outlet.

Durians have a very strong smell and not everyone likes them. Some can take the smell but not take the taste. Some can’t even get near durians to be brave enough to eat them!

Do you know that there are so many types of durians out there? These are some of the more popular ones and my favourites so far:

1 ) Mao Shan Wang (猫山王) literally “Cat Mountain King” is supposed to be the BEST of all durians – the King of Kings!

2) D24 used to be the rage until it was ‘beaten’ by all the Mao Shan Wang, XO and new breeds of durians.

3) Red Prawn (红虾) was something I had eaten in Johor Bahru during my Durian Day Tour and fell in love with quite immediately. The flesh is a bit orangey-red, which is how the name derives from, and extremely sweet!

4) Golden Phoenix (金凤) is quite bitter and more watery in texture. I’ve eaten this at Johor Bahru as well, but I like those bitter-sweet and sweet kind. Sometimes the ‘bitterness’ can be too extreme for me.

5) XO as the name suggests is a bit bitter-sweet and reminds you of the alcohol. However, the flesh is really soft and yummy!


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