Pokemon Cafe Revisited

Pikachu’s Ice Cream Bun, Level Up with Rare Candy! (SGD18), Pokemon Cafe, Bugis Junction, Singapore

The Pokemon Cafe in Bugis Junction reopened recently with the Sun and Moon concept introducing characters like Rowlet (the Owl), Litten (the cat) and Popplio (Sealion).

The food items were so expensive and tasted so-so.

Underneath the cute face of Pikachu is just a scoop of raspberry ripple ice-cream, and the Japanese wafer dipped in chocolate (Pikachu’s ears) were a bit soft, like it’s been out in the open for too long, losing its crispiness and freshness.

We received a free Pokemon cafe placemat, as well as a coaster when we ordered food and drinks from the cafe.

I guess the Pokemon Cafe is losing steam as there wasn’t any queues at all when we went this evening after buying some books from Kinokuniya.






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