2D1N at Batam with family

At Nongsapura Ferry Terminal waiting for ferry to go back to Singapore on 9 December 2016

Stayed at Batam View Resort with my sister-in-law and 2 nieces on 8th December 2016. Was quite upset that the service of this resort was not as good as before.

They don’t serve you ‘welcome drinks’ anymore but were busy checking their handphones or talking to their colleagues.

This very blur and inefficient receptionist “Catherine” really made my blood boil. We asked to hire a taxi to go to the Mall beside Batam Center Ferry Terminal. The taxi took us to Nagoya Hill and told us that we are going to Batam City. I told him I gave specific instructions to Catherine that I wanted to go to Batam Center Ferry Terminal. Then he kept saying he heard Nagoya… so I told him, “nevermind, Nagoya Hill then.” To our surprise, he just u-turn and drove towards Batam Center… What the hell!! And he still demanded 188,000 Indonesian Rupiah from us!

My ride from the Mall back to Batam View Resort was only 150,000 Indonesian Rupiah!

Then when we requested for late check-out for the rooms on 9th December since our ferry is at 430pm, she said usually the rate is SGD10 per hour. Why don’t we just extend for one room? I used to get free extension for 1hr in the past. So has Batam View Resort become more ‘atas’? Don’t forget Montigo Resort is just beside Batam View and people might just go there next time!

The free shuttle to the malls are also not a guarantee. The concierge states that the shuttle bus is at 1:30pm, but when we went there to check, he told us “there is, but subject to availability”. Out of curiosity I asked him “today is a weekday and there are not too many people, so there should be availability right?” The person just replied “No, it depends on if there are enough people to go to the City.”

Seriously, Batam View Resort should pull up their socks!


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