Hello Godson!

Visited Godson Zavier and received souvenirs from Hokkaido, South Korea and Toyko from my Bffs

Although Godson’s baby shower was on 3rd December, we couldn’t attend as 1 of the ‘fairy godmothers’ was in Tokyo, while the other 2 have prior appointments. So we rearranged with Godson’s mother, who is our BFF, to visit them today (10 December) instead.

Godson was sleeping when we visited at about 5pm. We couldn’t really disturb him much.

We also took this opportunity to present one of the ‘fairy godmother’ her belated birthday present since we were too busy to meet up on her birthday in November.

In the end she also presented us with souvenirs from her recent Hokkaido and South Korea trip. The other ‘fairy godmother’ who just returned from Tokyo also presented us with some goodies in a MyMelody folder.

I will buy them some souvenirs when I go to Legoland Malaysia next week since I didn’t buy them anything from Batam.

Till the next time we meet, BFFs and godchildren! Stay healthy and happy!


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