GOT7 Fan Meet

GOT7 Flight Log : Turbulence in Singapore, 11 December 2016 at Big Box 

One of my favourite Kpop groups – GOT7 – visited Singapore for a fanmeeting session yesterday and my niece and I bought the CAT2 tickets (SGD202, inclusive of SGD4 administrative fees) to watch them!

“Three Angles Production” did a very bad job in securing a lousy venue with bad sound systems. The backdrop is pretty when the boys were singing and dancing to their songs from the latest albums.

The security was also damn tight. This was compared to Day 6’s fanmeet at the same place with the lousy audio systems and faulty microphone problems the day before on 10 December (Saturday).

Anyways, the boys were lively and performed quite a number of songs beginning with “Let Me”, “Prove It”, “Boom Boom Boom”, “No Jam” in the first half before moving to 2 game segments – “fulfilling fans’ wishes on post-its” and “feel the item in the mystery box”.

JB “killed” the ginger that was in the ‘hyung-line’ mystery box. While BamBam described the cinnamon as “long and hard” and Jackson immediately went over to stop him from turning the show R21. After they tied with the correct guesses in their mystery boxes, they had to do ‘scissors, paper, stone’ to decide the winner and Mark won on behalf of the ‘hyung-line”. The losers need to take an ugly selfie.

BamBam told the crowd “Please don’t leave after seeing this photo”. They took the second shot and BamBam said “I lost 10,000 followers on Instagram already.” To which Jackson replied “BamBam! Your instagram account is gone!” Haha… what a funny couple!

The funny thing is everyone tasted the cinnamon and the emcee was like “What are you doing?? You are supposed to just guess the item! Not eat it! How come Got7 eats everything?” I guess they are just curious and hungry idols! Haha…

After that they returned with “Fly” and “If You Do”, before playing charades with fans. And ending it off, they performed “Hard Carry” live!!

The encore track was “Home Run”, which was another one of my favourite songs from their previous album “Flight Log: Departure”. Can’t wait if there’s a “Flight Log: Arrival” coming in 2017 as they speak about returning to Singapore with a bigger and better concert!

All Cat 1 and Cat 2 ticket holders gets a free copy of the Flight Log : Turbulence album at the entrance, and I got the design with BamBam on it. The album was good, and the members of GOT7 produced most of the tracks themselves. They really “Hard Carried” the album!


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