Legoland Malaysia

Met the chef at Legoland Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Went on a short getaway to Legoland Malaysia with my niece and sister-in-law from 13th to 14th December.

Some of the rides at Legoland Malaysia are quite thrilling even for adults.

We were all wet taking the boat ride in Dino Island where we plunged from at a high level and splashed into the water… Luckily the weather was quite hot and we eventually ‘dried’ ourselves without the help of the electric dryer which requires RM$10.

We loved the NinjaGo Ride so much we took it 4 times in total! It is a 4D ride where you need to move your arms at the sensor to shoot the objects and harness your ninja powers to kill enemies.

There’s a similar ride at Adventure Land where you need to point and shoot with a gun. However, the gun was rather difficult to control, but its a similar concept to NinjaGo.

We also took The Dragon roller coaster where some of the turns were quite sharp and fast.

We enjoyed ourselves at the theme park and would perhaps return the next time for the Water Park.


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