Wadori Yakitori


It was my first visit to Kuriya Japanese Market located at the basement of Tampines One. It’s like a food court with different stalls for customers to choose from.

There’s Wadori Yakitori, Idaten Udon, Men-ichi Ramen Express, Ichiban Bento and one area selling sushi.

I decided to try the Wadori Set C which consisted of Yakitori Chicken, Pork Belly, Chicken Meatball and Deep-fried Chicken, as well as a Chawanmushi (steamed egg) and free-flow of soft drinks. The price is quite affordable at SGD9.90.

However, I wasn’t really satisfied with the quality of the food. Tori-Q, which also specialises in grilled meat sticks is actually tastier than Wadori Yakitori! The chicken balls were a let-down! and the sauce just  doesn’t go well with the rice and the grilled meat.

I doubt I will eat from Wadori Yakitori again! However, I will return to try the Bento or Ramen next!

Thai Express

Dinner at Thai Express, Bedok Mall

Tonight’s dinner was at Thai Express in Bedok Mall.

Time flies when you are having a good time shopping and then you realised its already 7:30pm! It’s strange you don’t even feel tired or hungry!

Since today is a rainy day, we decided to eat Thai Food! Tom Yum Soup is always comfort food for the rainy weather!

We ordered Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Thai Seafood Otah, the Gai Phat Med Ma-Moung-Him-Ma-Phan (Sauteed Chicken with Cashew Nut) and the Sauteed Kai Lan with Mushroom, and 2 plates of White Rice.

Service wasn’t really good at this outlet. We sat beside a French couple with a toddler, and the mindless mother put her spoon which was ‘infected by chilli from her phad thai’ into the child’s food to feed him and made him spit out the food and cried and created a huge scene! Sigh…


Christmas Dinner

Singapore Fish N Chips at Fish N Co, Changi Airport Terminal 2

This year’s Christmas dinner is held at Fish N Co in Changi Airport Terminal 2 since April is working.

Why is this called “Singapore Fish N Chips”? It’s just because it comes with ‘Chilli Crab’ sauce… But to be honest, Fish N Co needs to work harder on the flavour of the chilli crab sauce as it tastes nothing like it!

I’ve not been to Fish N Co for a while and these days, they have given fancy names to their Fish & Chips such as “Swiss Fish & Chips” – Fish & Chips with Mozza-Oregano Stuffing, topped with garlicky lemon butter sauce, “Bombay Fish & Chips” – Indian herbs-and-spice twist with curry mayo dip, “New York Fish & Chips” – Signature Fish & Chips stuffed with parmesan cheese and topped with lemon butter sauce.

Happy Boxing Day!

IKEA Restaurant

Fried Chicken Wings, Swedish Meatballs and Siew Mai at IKEA Restaurant Tampines

Needed to do some groceries shopping at GIANT, so took the free shuttle bus from Tampines MRT Station to get there and stopped at IKEA for dinner before it gets crowded!

The standards of the fried chicken wings and swedish meatballs have gone down the drain for quite some time, but it’s the ‘comfort food’ we will usually order when we go to IKEA restaurant. The Jumbo Siew Mai, however, caught us by surprise.

It’s SGD1.60 for 2 pieces, so we thought its alright to just buy and try. We were glad we did it as its actually quite yummy! One more comfort food to add to our list next time we visit IKEA Tampines!

Black Chicken Bento from QQ Rice (SGD5.90), Our Tampines Hub, Singapore

QQ Rice is a food stall selling healthier rice (oats rice in this case) and they have quite a large variety of rice products!

There’s brown rice which is quite common, eaten mainly by those who want to lose weight. Then there were the uncommon ones like red rice that helps to create red blood cells, and purple rice that helps promote longevity.

Sometimes I wonder why healthier food is more expensive… It’s like you get penalised for trying to be healthy. Which is why junk food sounds more appealing 😛

Mixed Fish Soup for dinner is best after an hour of Zumba!

I was thrilled to find a stall selling mixed fish soup in the coffeeshop near my house. It’s hard to find good mixed fish soup nowadays. It’s either the sliced fish is not fresh, or the soup is so bland and diluted.

The one I had today at the Food Fare Foodcourt at Tampines Street 82 was not too bad. The best is I felt healthy eating this for dinner after 1hr of zumba!

Usually they put condensed milk into the soup to make it sweet and milky. However, I’m a fan of clear soup based fish soup. Luckily the stall owner asked me if I wanted bittergourd in my fish soup and I told her “NO”. Life is bitter enough, I don’t want to add anymore bitterness to it by killing my tastebuds!


Gulai Ayam Set (Curry Chicken Set) from Riverside Indonesian BBQ at Kopitiam in Tampines Mall

I always head to Riverside Indonesian BBQ when I visit the Kopitiam at Tampines Mall. It’s definitely one of my favourite stalls and the food there won’t disappoint me.

Usually I will eat the Ayam Panggang (Indonesian Grilled Chicken) set, but I just decided to try the Gulai Ayam set (Curry Chicken Set) instead.

I think in future, I will stick to Ayam Panggang, which is the grilled chicken. It’s not that the Gulai Ayam (Curry Chicken) is bad, just that I prefer the grilled chicken more. If its curry chicken, I think Chinese-style is more to my taste-buds.


Home-made dinner on a rainy night – Air-fried Cajun Salmon with MAGGI 5-Minute Cup Mashed Potato 

Found this simple recipe on Airfried Cajun Salmon and decided to make it for dinner tonight since it is raining… and I had gotten a piece of Norwegian Salmon from NTUC on Sunday while shopping for groceries.

I only used the Master Foods Cajun Seasoning on my salmon since I don’t have any lemons at home. I also coated the skin with some non-stick Cranola Oil so that it won’t stick to the grill pan of the air-fryer. And instead of air-frying it at 180 degrees for 7 minutes, I decided to do it for 8 minutes, and thereafter flipping it over and reduce the heat to 160 degrees and air-fry it for another 2 minutes.

The salmon turned out well and I topped it with the MAGGI 5-Minute Cup Mashed Potato which is really yummy! Love the Fried Onions and Croutons the most out of the 5 flavours. You can check out the promotion on Qoo10 if you are keen to buy all 5 flavours as they are quite readily out-of-stock in supermarkets.