Spotty – my neighbourhood kitty!

Spotty is a gentle kitty, so please be kind to her as well!

Meet Spotty! This kitty is very gentle, and is not afraid to come up to strangers to rub her cheeks against your feet!

Spotty used to be a pet of someone in the neighbourhood, but when they shifted, they abandoned her 😦

Spotty was injured and can’t sit properly. A kind-hearted Malay uncle fed the 5 stray cats around this block and even gave Spotty a cardboard to sleep on. We contributed by giving her a used t-shirt as a blanket. It was raining and rather windy for the past few months, hence, we were afraid that Spotty would feel cold. Someone threw her cardboard and the used t-shirt away, but we came back with another one!

Pets are not toys! You don’t throw them out of the house just because you no longer have room for them! They are living things and need to be taken care of. If you don’t have that kind of time for commitment, don’t keep a pet to give it away later on! Worse still, abandon it!