Company of Cats

I met 10 resident cats at The Company of Cats today afternoon and they are really cute and furry!


The first cat I saw was Belle (white ragdoll) – who was actually resting on the bucket near the door looking out the window idly.

Next, I met Skippy (grey tabby), which is quite huge for its size! It must love food a lot, or else he won’t be named after some peanut butter spread!

Meringue (brownish ragdoll) was sleeping peacefully in her favourite spot somewhere close to Skippy. However, it wasn’t really cranky when people petted her while she was sleeping. She woke up eventually, but didn’t threw any tantrums even when her cat nap was disrupted!

Lily (an orange kitty) came along and was waiting at the door, perhaps she was bored and wanted to get out of the room. I later found out that Lily had a son, and his name is Harry! Are they Lily and Harry Potter?!!

Mags (grey and white kitty) popped out of nowhere and had a cute ‘meow’ as she was also trying to find a way to get out of the room. Mags was quite lively and didn’t seem to be afraid of people at all.

Along came Elliot (looks like a Siamese Ragdoll Mix), which looks really ravishing! He looked as if he was wearing pants and boots in his lovely fur coat!

Daisy (cute small grey kitten) was labelled as the “Intern” of the gang, and she was so conscious of the camera she was always trying to escape us when we tried to take pictures of her.

Lulu has half orange and half black face, but she has a sweet nature.

Coco (the dark knight) was always hiding in a ‘box’ and licking herself, and only came into the ‘light’ when there’s treats!

Last but not the least, I finally saw Harry! He looked almost like his mother in a coat of orange fur! However, he is bigger than Lily! and he’s the one taking care of the mother now I suppose, as I saw him licking his mum, grooming her instead!

The cats at The Company of Cats are really lovely! I’m starting to miss them already!